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CIO Award 2010

Denver-based Trust Company of America’s Chief Information Officer Dennis Noto was honored as the winner of the 25th Annual CIO 100 Award. By Jim McConville of Financial Advisor Magazine

New relational database - 99.8% business logic unchanged

Legacy system with 4 million lines of code needed a new relational database. Turned 10 Million in lost investment into a new foundation for the second largest retail trader on Wall Street.

Tailored System Recognizes Revenue Two Years Early

Brought in $20 Million in revenue two years early with $5 Million for enhancements by implementing in-house client cloud services.

Vendor Migration Reaps Significant Performance Boost

Reaping 300% improvement in application performance, 25% decrease in monthly run-rate expense, and 99.999% uptime.


My passion is driven around building exceptional user experiences for complex business systems

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