Division was faced with understanding the dynamics of client satisfaction and documenting ongoing service levels of product delivery. Thus, a solution was needed to manage day-to-day operations, client problem management, and tracking for development releases. No existing tool had the functionality to handle all needs based on enterprise requirements like flexible client/server programming, ability to scale on enterprise hardware, and robust ticketing/tracking system.

After conducting a brief company needs audit, compiled business functions into a requirements document and interviewed vendors for potential development platforms that could be customized to specific needs. Many companies failed the rapid development and ticket system requirements. Engaged Remedy platform for an intense evaluation. Using the base problem and change management system, directed a team to customize systems based on the needs document and selected a test group of network, helpdesk, and customer service associates to test the product.

System went live in three months, and team continued to build new applications into the Remedy product to handle release management, development lifecycle progression, operations tracking forms, ISO CAPA tracking, and hundreds of other tasks. Today, the entire division runs Remedy system for 500+ applications threaded into all departments. Remedy records major MBO statistics to assess division’s world-class service initiatives by analyzing key factors like successful change audits, average same-day problem ticket completions, development defects by product, and major development project tracking. 20 meetings per week are based on Crystal Reports that mine the remedy database.
Organized corporate-wide problem and incident tracking system for all technology and operations groups that spanned brokerage, payroll, auto dealer, and claims divisions.

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