Data center was faced with 60 checkpoint firewall Sun servers that were failing every week. Needed to find a solution to protect individual client IP circuits within backbone LAN network from hacker activity. Using a server-based firewall solution for each individual client was a nightmare to manage and suffered from hardware side effects of a personal computer. Network device was needed that could operate like a router: minutes to set up and deploy with the least moving parts for high availability.

Brought in Cisco to unveil their new PIX firewall. Working with the CTO, designed aliasing functionality that allowed setup of invisible networks behind the firewalls to create ultimate security defense. After a proof-of- concept evaluation in QA network lab, beta-tested new network design on client environment. After successful client beta test, developed a rollout migration plan in Microsoft Project with a detailed network design Visio Graphic that the network engineers used to implement into production.

Negotiated a deal for Cisco to buy out Sun lease for all systems to replace with PIX router-like firewalls. Streamlined from 60 devices to 10, and decreased configuration time from five days to 10 minutes. Availability increased 1,000% because the PIX firewalls had the same system redundancy found in the high-end routers. Monthly expenses were reduced by 75%.

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