Personally charged by general manager to generate revenue from data center. Client revenue was generated by brokerage transactions entered in to company systems, and everything else had been considered free from the data center perspective. Finding a product that would grab clients’ attention and persuade them to purchase additional services was a challenging problem.

Focused on designing a product that would allow users to connect from anywhere to run all brokerage services via a secure connection, which could be promoted for telecommuting and disaster recovery for client offices. Worked with a startup to design a product that would allow users to connect to the data center—over a standard Windows PC using a SSL/VPN connection—to run the company’s browser-based and TN3270 applications.

Product was a major success, allowing users to access company applications from any Microsoft Windows desktop/laptop without installing a VPN client on the remote computer, which was extremely important when dealing with non-technical users. The service generated annual revenue of $120K in the first year with an initial $10K monthly revenue stream.

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