Faced with client outages with new web application, company’s current vendor’s E10000 multi-domain enterprise UNIX system was not living up to its high-availability promises. At the time of purchase, no other vendor had a product to compete, but three years later IBM’s AIX product was ready for reevaluation.

Needed to migrate the application to another Unix system without shutting down development and product enhancements. The web application was building momentum with users, and they were demanding quick turnaround on changes.

Early on, the company built application standards on Java and scripting languages to allow for portability based on personal standards for development. Assembled a key group of development and systems personnel and invited IBM to build a project plan. To win the sale, laid down requirements for the evaluation, which included a six-month plan requiring IBM to migrate the application without application changes, buy out existing leases on the hardware and storage, and increase processing power 50% without raising run rates.

Project was an outstanding success, reaping 300% improvement in application performance, 25% decrease in monthly run-rate expense, and-most importantly-a tenfold increase in system availability, which delighted clients.

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